The brand was established in 2010 in Poland, in 2015 the name was modernized to DOGGIE DOGGIE and since 2015 the salon has been operating in the UK in Worksop. The place is constantly evolving, developing and raising the standards of services.

The staff is characterized by unconventional expertise. Qualified, with years of experience and passion. Will advise on the selection of the correct and appropriate care treatment for all types of clothing.

Products used for care in the salon are specialized high / world-class cosmetics from reputable companies.

Our services are also characterized by extremely good cooperation between the Dog and the Groomer. We value peace and quiet, thanks to which the dog can calm down.

We care for the health and safety of our four-legged pupils. Our standard is that equipment and workplace is disinfected and sterilized after each dog.

PRIORITY is the health, safety and comfort of every dog.