DOGGIE DOGGIE salon offers:





Comfortable baths for large and giant breeds, older dogs

Dead hair removal treatment for smooth-haired breeds

Non-invasive removal of tangled / felt for breeds with a double-layer coat

Garment regeneration

Adaptive visits for puppies introducing professional care

Humanitarian shaving of extremely neglected dogs

Insect repellent baths, e.g. fleas and ticks

Stylization in Japan, Asian, Korean

Trimming claws

Paw care

Ear care

Eye area care for breeds that need it

Daily care tips at home

Occasional hairstyles

In the salon we have a Catalog of Dog Hairstyles of our brand, which perfectly helps us in discussing and choosing the right hairstyle for your Dog.

The customer using the services of the DOGGIE DOGGIE Salon respects and accepts the principles of the salon’s work – TERMS & CONDTISIONS – To ensure mutual comfort of relationship and understanding, please read.