Booking appointments The customer can book in for the appointment in person, by phone or via Facebook.

Deadline In order to ensure a convenient time, we ask regular customers to book three dates ahead.

Payment We accept card payments and cash.

New customer The service for new customers takes a little longer. The goal is to learn and determine the right or proper care for your dog, we conduct an interview and analysis with a groomer. It is also time for the dog to get used to the new place, get to know him and the groomer and establish positive relationships.

Analysis This is an essential part of the introductory interview for properly groom your dog.

Before the visit Make sure that your dog before the procedure has the opportunity to arrange his physiological needs and not be fresh after a meal.

Organization of the salon’s work The salon has a nice and calm atmosphere. Please, keep it this way by the respect and warmth of your dog and staff. We ask for peace and quiet and show up on time for work safety reasons.

The time of the procedure depends on the chosen care, the average time of the procedure is 2 hours.

Delays With respect to the next customer appointment at a set time, you who are more than 15 minutes late will receive a new appointment date. Please aware and be on time.

Dog pickup The pickup time is given by the groomer or informs by text message. If the owner does not collect the dog within 15 minutes of the allotted time, an additional care fee of £ 5 will be charged for every 30 minutes started.

Not coming to visit If the customer does not show up on the day of the appointment or does not cancel it, when booking a second visit + 50% of the price of the previous service will be charged

Price list The current price list of grooming services is available at All prices quoted are maximum amounts.

Registration Every customer who wants to use the services of the DOGGIE DOGGIE salon is obliged to register. Customer data will be processed in accordance with GDPR set out in the Data Protection Act and will not be disclosed to third parties.

Customer files – We keep detailed documentation of all performed procedures.

Pictures Pictures taken in the salon can be used for advertising and promotional purposes on social media, websites, leaflets, for scientific purposes, etc.

Salon safety (disinfection and sterilization) We use the principles of disinfection necessary to maintain the highest hygiene standard in service salons.

Parasites and insects If a dog comes to the salon with insects even with those unnoticed by the owner, the groomer has the right to refuse further care. It can also eliminate insects without informing the owner of the dog, an additional cost of £ 12 (small and medium dogs). £ 15 other dog sizes. It is the owner’s responsibility to regularly protect his / her animal against fleas and other insects. If you know your dog has fleas, heal them before visiting.

Illness / infection If your dog is not feeling well (vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, etc.), do not bring it to the salon because of its comfort and safety as well as the groomer and other dogs. If the dog has infections or other contagious diseases, we also do not bring the dog to the salon. The owner is obliged to inform the salon of any infections. If the groom suspects that any other age threatens other dogs or their lesions, they have the right to stop caring for the dog, the owner pays 50% of the current service price.

Allergies The owner is obliged to inform the salon about any allergies occurring in his dog.

Vaccination We make a reservation date for dog care 14 days after vaccination.

Adaptation of the dog / puppies A visit or session of visits allowing the young dog to get used to the care treatments. We must know that properly conducted first adaptation visits of the dog in a professional salon are very important in further cooperation.

Pregnant bitches. Caring for the comfort and safety of dogs, we do not care for pregnant bitches.
Show dogs – show grooming is a special service, priced individually by the groomer.

Bitches in the season We kindly ask you to provide information if the bitch is in the season, because her behavior may differ from the norms.

Dogs groomed at the owner’s responsibility – these are sick, elderly and aggressive, extremely nervous, neurotic, sick, with malformations, previously injured, disabled dogs. Dogs at the groomer’s request can be nurtured in the presence of the owner.

Behavioral problems We work with dogs with behavioral abnormalities as well as dogs after difficult crossings, we work on gaining confidence in withdrawn and injured dogs.

BITE If your pet bites, he will try to bite and prevent further grooming at the discretion of the groomer, he stops further activities. The owner of the dog pays the sum indicated by the groomer, but not higher than he provided before starting the service.

Regular care We regularly recommend care services for more than 12 weeks in order to maintain good condition of the dog’s skin and coat.

Tangles / felts Humane shaving service for excessively matted or extremely neglected dogs. A dog overly matted or neglected and extremely neglected will be shaved. If you do not agree to let your dog be shaved, we will have to report it to the RSPCA because keeping the dog in a bad state is an act of cruelty.

Emergency bath When the dog has physiological needs on the table during grooming and there is a need for a new bath, the owner covers an additional amount of £ 10.

Trimming claws – any comprehensive service includes trimming claws. Although dogs that do not cooperate, are aggressive or show signs of severe stress, the service will be interrupted and not continued.

WITHOUT RESERVATION Services from the “OTHER SERVICES” price list item are available without prior booking of the visit. They are made in the given hours of work of the salon available on the website or Facebook @WorksopDoggieDoggie